Dan Bureau

Assistant Vice President for Student Health & Wellbeing

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Growing up a first-gen student but with parents who worked in food service at a college, I always saw the value in a college degree.

The fact that I get to work with people who help students aspire toward that degree is something really special for me.

To have the opportunity to help students identify ways to develop approaches to health and well-being at a school as special and impactful as LSU and with colleagues who care about students, each other and the institution, is an amazing honor for me. 


I know and believe in what colleges and universities can do at their best; positively change the lives of students and society.

What's brewing

Baton Rouge has a great selection of places to get good coffee! You'll find I often like to meet over coffee.

I'm passionate about

Education at all levels, particularly for children and populations for whom education has not always been easily accessible.

Tuning in

I listen to a lot of Podcasts and Slate's What Next is a favorite. For higher education, I like Student Affairs Now and for just for fun, I like Smartless.


PhD, Indiana University
MEd, University of Massachusetts
BA, University of New Hampshire 

Contact Dan

LSU Student Union, Fourth Floor