Dario Harazim

Assistant Professor of Research

Master's Degree: Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2008
PhD: Sedimentology, Memorial University, St. John's, Canada, 2014
Phone: 832-916-6990

E-mail: harazimdario@gmail.com

Google Scholar Page: http://ow.ly/oogs30gpy5p

Areas of Interest

  • Sedimentology of modern and ancient fine-grained, marginal-marine systems
  • Siliciclastic diagenesis
  • Animal-mineral-microbe interactions
  • Low-temperature C, O, S, Fe stable isotope geochemistry

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Denommee, K.C., Bentley, S.J., Harazim, D., 2017, Mechanisms of Muddy Clinothem Progradation on the Southwest Louisiana Chenier Plain Inner Shelf: Geo-Marine Letters, in press.

Denommee, K.C., Bentley, S.J., Harazim, D., and Macquaker, J.H.S., 2016, Controls on Muddy Sedimentary Fabric Development: Atchafalaya Chenier Plain Subaqueous Delta: Marine Geology, 382, 162-175.

Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Edwards, N., Wogelius, R., Manning, P.L., Poduska, K., Sokaras, D., Alonso-Mori, R., and Bergmann, U., 2015, Millimeter-sized bioturbating animals control the spatial partitioning of redox-sensitive trace elements in organic-rich mudstone: Geology, 43, 1007-1010.

Harazim, D., and McIlroy, D., 2015, Mud-rich density-driven flows across an Early Ordovician Storm-dominated shoreline – Implications for shallow-marine facies models: Journal of Sedimentary Research, 85, 509-528.

Harazim, D., Callow, R. H. T., and McIlroy, D., 2013, Microbial mats implicated in the generation of intrastratal shrinkage (‘synaeresis’) cracks: Sedimentology, v. 60, no. 7, p. 1621-1638.

Harazim, D., van de Schootbrugge, B., Sorichter, K., Fiebig J. and Oschmann, W., 2013, Spatial variability in water mass conditions in the European Epicontinental Seaway during the Early Jurassic (Pliensbachian and Toarcian): Sedimentology, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365- 3091.2012.01344.

Van de Schootbrugge, B., Harazim, D., Sorichter, K., Oschmann, W., Fiebig, J., Puttmann, W., 2010, The enigmatic ichnofossil Tisoa siphonalis and Widespread Authigenic Seep Carbonate Formation During the Late Pliensbachian in Southern France: Biogeosciences 7, 3123-3138.