GEOL 1001 Physical Geology

Section 001

Instructor: Luther

Text: Exploring Geology

Author: Reynolds

ISBN: 1259664570

Section 002

Instructor: Ellwood

eBook - Physical Geology (America's National Park Areas)

Section 003

Instructor: Karunatillake

TopHat Subscription One of the following:

Text: Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology

Author: Tarbuck

Edition: 12th

ISBN: 0134515161


Text: Modified Mastering Access

ISBN: 9780134288246


Text: Loose Leaf text + Modified Mastering Access

ISBN: 0134588010

Section 004

Instructor: Luttrell

Text: Essentials of Geology

Author: Marshak

Edition: 5th

ISBN: 9780393263398


Section 002

Instructor: Ellwood