Process Safety Short Courses

Course Facilitator

Inherent Safer Design Approaches | Design and Example

Dennis Hendershot (Rohm & Haas)

Green Engineering

David Shonnard (Michigan Tech)

Fundamentals of Fires and Explosions

Ray French (ExxonMobil)

Fundamentals of Dust Explosions 

John Birtwistle (RRS Engineering)

The Importance of Engraining Safety, Health,and Environmental Concepts in Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Dan Crowl (Michigan Tech)

AIChE Phillips Module | Talk | Text 

Bob Bethea (Texas Tech)

Safety Instrumented Systems

Angela Summers (SIS TECH Solutions)

Layers of Protection Analysis

Angela Summers (SIS TECH Solutions)

Overview of Pressure Relieving Devices

Scott W. Ostrowski (ExxonMobil)

Pressure Relief Device Class Exercise 

Scott W. Ostrowski (ExxonMobil)

Overview of OSHA PSM Regulations 

Nancy Bethea (OSHA)

Fault Detection and Consequence Protection in Real Time

Max Hohenberger (ExxonMobil)

Fires and Explosions

Harry J. Toups (LSU)

Fault Detection, Consequence Prevention and Control of Defeat

Harry J. Toups (LSU)

Inherently Safer Design

Harry J. Toups (LSU)

Pressure Relief and Safety Valves

Harry J. Toups (LSU)

Process Safety Management and Methods

Harry J.Toups (LSU)