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Basic Mesozoic Study in Louisiana, the North Coastal Region, and the Gulf Basin

by E.G. Anderson. 1979. 58 pp.

Establishes the northern gulf coastal region as a sedimentary-stratigraphic entry. Presents a set of Mesozoic units adapted from current usage to best fit the region, with representative sections for each unit; a stratigraphic grid extending over the Mesozoic shelf to facilitate use of the units; and a tectonic framework showing major structural elements that affected sedimentation on the Mesozoic shelf.

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Paleontology of LL&E wellPaleontology of the L. L. & E. et al., Well Unit 1-L

by E. A. Butler . 1960 . 4 sheets (sheet size 16 X 28 in.) .

Represents and correlates electric log of this well, located on Lake Washington dome, Plaquemines Parish, with drawings of significant faunal assemblages





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La Parish Oil and Gas Fields (1980)Parish Atlas of Oil and Gas Fields

by C.P. Stanfield, E.L. McGehee, J.I. Snead, E.B. Millet, and E.L. Nichols. 1980. 85 pp., Photocopy.

Delineates onshore oil and gas fields discovered through 31 December 1980; also nonproducing salt domes.

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La Eastern Gulf Coast cross sectionRegional Cross Sections, Louisiana Gulf Coast, Eastern Part

by D.G. Bebout and D.R. Gutierrez. 1983. 10 pp. (size 25 X 22 in.)

Covers an area extending from West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, St. Martin, Iberia and St. Mary parishes on the west to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line on the east.

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La West Gulf Coast cross sectionRegional Cross Sections, Louisiana Gulf Coast, Western Part

by D.G. Bebout and D.R. Gutierrez. 1982. 11 pp. (size 19 X 22 in.)

Covers an area extending from the Sabine River on the west to Pointe Coupee, St. Martin and Iberia Parishes on the east; to the north, the sections extend above the deeply buried Lower Cretaceous shelf margin.


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La Regional cross section NorthRegional Cross Sections, North Louisiana

by L.G. Eversull. 1984. 10 pp. (size 28 X 21)

Covers an area extending from Caddo, De Soto and Sabine Parishes on the west to West Carroll, Franklin, Concordia and Avoyelles Parishes on the east and from the Arkansas-Louisiana boundary on the north to Township 1 on the south.

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St John Bentonite, Claiborne ParishSt. John’s Bentonite Report, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

by C.O. Durham, Jr. et al. 1962 . One 24 X 18 inch folded sheet.

Maps bentonite area and discusses geology, occurrence and reserves.



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La stratigraphic chart coverStratigraphic Charts of Louisiana

by John E. Johnston, III, Paul V. Heinrich, John K. Lovelace, Richard P. McCulloh and Ron Zimmerman. 2000.

Hard copy, One 24 X 36 inch sheet . Free download PDF



Hard Copy
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