2022 Coaches' Summit at ULM

July 12, 2022 

MONROE, LA - LDI hosted the final Coaches' Summit of 2022 at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. In partnership with other institutions in the University of Louisiana System, LDI is fortunate to host summits at other universities for our coaches that are based in North Louisiana.  

Through one-on-one coaching scenarios and stress management sessions using the LADDER model, LDI’s new team members are ready to join our veteran coaches in the field to make a positive change in the lives of educators throughout our state.

About LDI  
LDI offers cutting-edge, customized, evidence-based leadership development preparation, interventions, and coaching tailored to individuals, boards, communities, and organizations in the education, youth advancement, government, non-profit, and human services sector. Business and industry have known for decades that leadership development affects organizational effectiveness. Employers that deliberately focus on building leadership capacity in their workforce outperform peers by up to 13 times in key bottom-line outcomes (Boatman et al, 2012). Applying these same strategies to target "the people who develop people" is critical to increasing retention, building morale, and achieving goals.