Leadership Development Institute Coaches Summit at Northwestern State University

Call for Applications 

March 5, 2021

BATON ROUGE, LA - LSU Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is hosting its 2021 Coaches’ Summit.  LDI is looking for radically compassionate leaders within the educational system to help address and reduce burnout and turnover. 

The challenges of the teaching workforce have caused a critical shortage in education for decades and the onset of the pandemic has brought this crisis to an all time high. At the Leadership Development Institute Coaches’ Summit, selected candidates will attend a 3 day training to become certified in the LDI signature coaching model. Included in coaching certification is the certification in the LADDER model. Once certified to be an LDI Coach, participants become staff of the institute serving educators in schools in Natchitoches and surrounding areas.

“We are thrilled to bring the LDI coaches model to Northwestern and develop a specialized cohort to serve this community,” said Leslie Blanchard, PhD, and director of the Leadership Development Institute. “Thanks to the pandemic, our society has a newfound respect and awe for what teachers do every day. Parents realized, quite suddenly when their children were logging in to school from home, that teaching is hard. At LDI, we know all of the stressors that contribute to burnout, stress, and frustration. While we cannot change all the environmental factors at once, our tool - LADDER - will equip educators with the strategies necessary to manage stress and frustration. We’ve seen it transform people and give them the energy to stay in this profession they love.”

After mastering the effective, research-based learning instrument, LADDER™, coaches will be placed in local schools and surrounding districts in the NSU area to provide one-on-one coaching sessions to assess spaces of personal growth in clients & help develop the leaders who develop other leaders.

We are excited and look forward to this first- of- its- kind partnership and opportunity to improve the lives of both current and former teachers with this ground-breaking work. If you know an educator that has positively impacted your life, we encourage you to share the news of this opportunity with them. 





Adrienne Gale