International Women's Day

Under the leadership of Samba Dieng, LSU’s International Programs celebrated International Women’s day by co-sponsoring an event for women in International Education to celebrate their important contributions to global education.

The event entitled,  “The Difference You Make: A Conversation with a Holocaust Survivor” drew nearly 1,000 registrants with over 535 in attendance on Tuesday, March 8th .  During the event, Dr. Irene Butter shared her journey of survival during the horrors of the Holocaust. 

Dr. Angela Miller, Director of Academic Programs Abroad co-hosted the event with the NAFSA Women & Leadership in International Education Member Interest Group and the Global Leadership League. The event entitled: “The Difference You Make,” featured a conversation with Dr. Irene Butter, a well-known Peace Activist, Holocaust survivor, and author of From Holocaust to Hope.  During the event, she was interviewed by Kris Holloway, co-author of Dr. Butter’s book, President of CIS Abroad, and Co-Founder of the Global Leadership League. 

“We know that the events of the past two years and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine weighs heavily on our hearts.  We are taking this moment to reflect on where we are and the difference that we all make”, said, Dr. Miller. “We held this event to inspire honor women and inspire hope, and Dr. Butter did just that”, stated Dr. Miller.

Honoring the impact of International Education, Dr. Butter stated: “International Education opens people’s minds and plants seeds to embrace one another.”  When asked about the crisis in Ukraine, she stated; “We should not be a bystander, but work to bridge the divides that separate people and get involved.” When asked how did she survive the Holocaust, Dr. Butter reminded participants of the impact of helping others.  She drew on her experience in the concentration camps as a child herself when she cared for the younger children. She stated; “It gave me hope to help the children”. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a widely-attended, yet intimate in feeling, conversation with Dr. Hasenberg Butter. I appreciated her ability to speak with warmth and wisdom while discussing tragedies both past and present, personal and global. She is certainly a woman to admire and I am the better for her reminder that we can all be more than mere bystanders.” Said, Abby Mensing, LSU Global Coordinator at International Programs who attended the event.

The conversation will continue, said, Dr. Miller!  We will co-host a Virtual Book Discussion with Dr. Butter and the Global Leadership League on Dr. Butter’s book: From Holocaust to Hope. Register for the Book discussion today at Global Leadership League Book Club. We welcome anyone who would like to join in the discussion, especially students whom Dr. Butter is so fond of.  Dr. Butter’s book can be purchased in fine bookstores everywhere. 

If you wish to view the recording of the event, please click here: The Difference You Make: A Conversation with a Holocaust Survivor

Sponsored by NAFSA and Gobal Leadership League