International Programs Introduces New Director of Global Partnerships Role

September 30, 2021

International Programs continues to make progress toward increasing LSU’s international footprint with the creation of a new role: the director of global partnerships. The first of its kind, this role will support the university’s overall internationalization goals through strategic partnerships, agreements, and programs.  
The director will serve as the university’s primary liaison in facilitating cooperative and synergistic initiatives between on-campus partners and international institutions and organizations to further global engagement. They will also work closely with Academic Affairs and General Counsel to make sure that agreements are compliant and adhere to best practices, as well as collaborate with the director of international student engagement to onboard and acclimate incoming international scholars and exchange students to the university.  
The office recently announced that it had selected Tye Tavaras to fill the position. Tavaras currently serves as the associate director of Global Strategy and Initiatives at Emory University. She will officially assume her position with International Programs on November 29.