International Services

Regaining J-1 Status

Violation of J-1 visa regulations results in the loss of legal status in the U.S. If you lose your J-1 student status you are:

  • not eligible to work on the campus
  • not eligible to apply for or pursue curricular or optional practical training
  • not eligible to apply for or pursue off-campus work permission including OPT
  • not eligible to apply for a change of visa status 

If you are in violation of status, you should contact an International Student Adviser immediately to review your situation, and make recommendations as to the best way to regain valid status.

Options for regaining status

Correcting the record

Minor infractions can be corrected by an IS adviser without a formal application provided no more than 120 days have elapsed since the event that created the infraction.

The record can be corrected if the J-1 visitor:

  • Has had 120 days or less elapse since the event that created the infraction 
  • Is pursuing or intending to pursue the original program objective
  • Has not willfully failed to maintain insurance coverage during the period which is being corrected
  • Has not been in substantive violation of the regulations
  • (Students only) Has maintain a full course of study 


Reinstatement requires an application and approval from the Department of State. Only 2 violations of status will be considered for reinstatement:

  • Out of valid program status for more than 120 days after the end date on the current form DS 2019 but less than 270 days.
  • (Students only) failure to maintain full course of study without prior consultation with ISS and their academic advisor.

If you have fallen out of J-1 status, set up an appointment with an adviser. IS has to initiate an application for reinstatement to the Department of State through SEVIS first.

Required Documentation to Apply for Reinstatement

  1. Processing Fee: $246 money order of cashier’s check to U.S. Department of State. No cash, credit cards, or temporary checks accepted.
  2. Financial documentation showing the availability of funds to cover your estimated expenses for at least one academic year. Can be a personal bank statement, Affidavit of Support, copy of assistantship/scholarship letter or a combination of all 3.
  3. All DS-2019 forms
  4. Your letter explaining that you are pursuing or intend to pursue the original program for which you were admitted to the U.S. The letter should explain either that the circumstances that led to your violation were out of your control, to administrative delay, or excusable neglect on your part or that of International Services.
  5. Fee receipt for payment of the SEVIS I-901 fee

Processing Time for Reinstatement

The State Department will act within 45 days from the date on which they received the request and supporting documentation.

Results of Reinstatement Application

  • Approved: If your application for reinstatement is approved, International Services will receive an Approval Notice via email. Once approved, you will be available for all J-1 benefits for which you apply.
  • Denied: An email will be sent to International Services stating the denial. Your current visa will be automatically cancelled, you will be permanently limited to applying for visas in your home country, you will not be able to continue your studies at LSU, you will be required to leave the U.S. within a given time designated in the notice of denial and an official record of your status violation will be recorded with the Department of State.