Buddy Dinner 2015

Buddy Program

The LSU Buddy Program will match incoming international exchange

students with LSU students who have studied abroad. Prior to the beginning of each semester at LSU, the LSU buddy program will send an email to returning students and incoming international exchange students asking for their voluntary participation in the program.

Benefits to LSU Buddies

The Buddy Program provides LSU students who have studied abroad the opportunity to retain contact with their host culture or discover a new culture, the opportunity to continue to practice language skills learned abroad (if applicable) and to help a fellow student who is experiencing the same challenges experienced by LSU students who studied abroad. Specifically, the aims include:

  • To offset the effect of reverse culture shock by allowing a returning LSU student the opportunity to form a friendship with an exchange student.
  • To allow an LSU student to show appreciation for the support he/she received while abroad by offering the same assistance and support to an exchange student coming from a partner institution.
  •  To offer LSU students the opportunity to participate in travel opportunities and group activities organized by the program.

Ultimately, the goal of the Buddy Program is the establishment of international friendships and the creation of a supportive, informal network for students and we hope that you will participate!

Benefits to International Exchange Students

The Buddy Program provides personal support to incoming international exchange students to compliment the administrative support offered by the staff of Academic Programs Abroad and International Services. The program offers a more personalized source of help for international exchange students studying at LSU. Specifically, the goals include:

  • To provide exchange students with a contact at LSU prior to arrival in Baton Rouge and continuing contact during their stay.
  • To provide practical assistance with day-to-day tasks that may fall outside the scope of the duties of APA or International Services, e.g. help adjusting to the U.S. academic environment and help with English communication skills (if applicable), help navigating campus, help with local transportation needs within Baton Rouge, etc.
  • To assist exchange students with making friends and contacts at LSU and adjusting to life in the Baton Rouge community.
  • To offer international exchange students the opportunity to participate in travel opportunities and group activities organized by the program.