Advising Process

APA uses a tiered advising process to make sure each student receives personalized attention and selects the program with the best fit for them.

Initial Interest Advising

Interested students are encouraged to drop in for a Zoom chat during virtual office hours with our Peer Advisors to discuss the potential options. This first meeting is an introduction to APA and our programs, including:

Fall Fest

Our knowledgeable Peer Advisors will explain the basics about each program. Most of them have already participated in an APA program(s) and have excellent advice regarding the entire process. They can even make recommendations based on your interests, major, future career plans, or financial situation.

Virtual Office Hours

The LSU Abroad Portal allows you to search based on location, program type, language of instruction, and even major!

One-on-One Meeting

After meeting with the front desk, our Peer Advisors may schedule a one-on-one appointment for you with one or more of our full-time staff members, depending on your interest(s). APA's staff members specialize in particular programs in order to provide detailed information regarding the process and the online application through the LSU Abroad Portal. In order to make this process as simple as possible, it is important to come ready to discuss your exchange and bring any questions the Peer Advisors could not answer. Applications for our exchange programs are distributed at this point in the process.

Follow Up Questions & Advising

Everyone has additional questions. That's perfectly okay! ☺ The entire APA team is here to help answer your questions. Ask, ask, ask. Our Peer Advisors are great resources as they have already been through the process!

Pre-Decision/Application Submission

Congrats on making it this far! Now comes the waiting. Depending on your program choice, it may take some time before you know whether you've been accepted. There may be an internal review. You may be required to participate in an interview. You may need to submit additional paperwork. Regardless, Know that your hard work is close to paying off!

Acceptance letters will be automatically sent through the LSU Abroad Portal as soon as a decision has been made. You'll need to login to view your status.


Pat yourself on the back! You've been accepted to your program. Each program has supplemental paperwork that is very important. This paperwork often ensures that you retain financial aid and that your courses transfer back to LSU.

All of this paperwork will be tracked through the LSU Abroad Portal. Most of it can even be filled out online and signed digitally, making this part of the process much easier for students than in the past!

While Abroad/Away

Have wonderful time. You've earned it!