Development and Outreach

Administration, Development & Outreach

Administration Development and Outreach (ADO) promotes an international presence for our university through internationally oriented study, research, and projects on campus and abroad, thus enhancing LSU’s excellence through comprehensive internationalization.

ADO is the primary administrative unit of International Programs (IP), working directly with each unit of IP. It seeks to bring diversity and global engagement not only to LSU, but also to the citizens of Louisiana, through the strategic marketing of International Programs. It works to enhance communication about international activities at LSU. It is charged with sourcing external funding for scholarships and program activities, and promoting initiatives to increase the number of international students attending LSU, as well as the number of LSU students participating in study abroad programs. Moreover, it works to facilitate the globalization of the LSU curriculum.

ADO also helps establish international bilateral and multilateral agreements that serve as the vehicle for research, faculty, and student exchanges abroad. It aids in the establishment of strategic international partnerships; these partnerships involve not only student exchange and faculty research, but they also bring government support, funding support, and private sector collaboration. These agreements and strategic partnerships facilitate international engagement by LSU faculty and students, allowing faculty to use their expertise to take up global issues while granting students the opportunity to participate in international activities.