Jessy Abouarab, Instructor

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Office: Hatcher


Jessy Abouarab holds a PhD in International Relations, majoring in Foreign Policy and Security Studies.  Dr. Abouarab holds  also a degree in  Middle East and Central Asian Studies and in Women’s and Gender Studies from Florida International University, specializing in International Law, women’s and SOGIESC rights, and global governance. Her interdisciplinary academic approach is legal-normative, fostering critical thinking about security studies, refugee governance and norm translation through participatory learning methods when probing the nature of questions, issues, materials and problems under study. Most of their academic work and publications shed light on how impromptu choices made by human rights movements can significantly impact local resilience efforts and rule of law, creating a self-reinforcing and transformative processes of individualized, contested and/or internalized realities and  aspirations.

As a Middle Eastern scholar, feminist, and enthusiastic interdisciplinary instructor, Dr. Abouarab utilizes global learning pedagogies to broaden students’ academic knowledge, promoting academic inquiry and diversity of thought, while developing students’ critical thinking and research skills. As an enthusiastic activist, Dr. Abouarab’ s non-academic work includes grassroots advocacy and community organizing to increase the power, voice and leadership of marginalized communities in advancing global justice.

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