Graduate Minors

picture of Naomi Bennett grad minor

 Naomi Bennett

 Department of Communication Studies

 B.A. Theater, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MFA Television, Film and Theatre, California State University, Los Angeles

 Performance studies; Virtual and Digitally Mediated Performance; Digital Posthumanism; Intimacy and   Digitally Mediate Communication; Colonialization and Gendering of Modern Postural Yoga in Western   Culture; Post 9/11 Zombies and Cultural Unhappiness

Emily Blosser

Department of Sociology

B.A. German, Joint MPAff and M.A. Eastern European Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Gender and racial stratification in STEM; mixed methods; sociology of gender; sociology of work and occupations

photo of Syndey Epps graduate minor


 Sydney Epps

 Department of Education

 B.S. Journalism, B.A. Sociology/Criminology, Ohio University at Athens; M.S. Organizational Leadership,   Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Daytona Beach

 Critical theories of race, gender, and sexuality; Biopolitics; LGBT Intellectual and Cultural History; Greek   Life; Men and Masculinities; Organizational Development and Change; Intersectionality of religion, race   and class; Women's Politics


 Amandine Faucheux

Department of English

MA Cultural Studies, University of New Mexico

Speculative & Science Fiction; Queer Studies & Theory; Post-Colonial and Ethnic Literature

Megan Feifer

Department of English

M.A. English (Modern Studies), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Afro-Caribbean Diasporas in the U.S. and Postcolonial Literatures and Theories


picture of Elizabeth Gardner grad minor

 Elizabeth Gardner

 Department of English

 B.A. English, Samford University; M.A. English, University of Georgia

 Southern Literature; Women Writers from the 20th and 21st Centuries

photo of Shaofei Han graduate minor

 Shaofei Han

 Department of Education

 M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, East China Normal University, Shanghai

 Curriculum Theory, Post-Structural Feminist Theory, Continental Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Teacher   Education and Philosophy for Children


Charla Allyn Hughes

Department of English

B.A. English and Italian, Vassar College; M.A. English with Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing, Florida State University

Twentieth-Century British and American Literature, Women's and Gender Studies, Postcolonial and Multicultural Literature, Cosmopolitanism, Transnationalism, the City Novel




Christine Jeansonne

Department of English

M.A. English (Rhetoric and Composition), Louisiana State University

Rhetoric, Feminist Theory and Rhetorics, Composition Studies, and Digital Humanities


Minjie Li

Manship School of Mass Communication

M.M.C. Mass Communication, Louisiana State University

Media Psychology; Transgender Studies; Media Diversity, Inequality and Intersectionality; Emerging Technology, Amateurism and Public Affairs; Technology and Body and Embodiment


Alecia Nance McNeill

Department of Education

B.L.S. University of Mary Washington; M.A. George Washington University; M.A. Louisiana State University, Ed.S. Louisiana State University

Caribbean Studies; Transatlantic History & Cultural Migrations; Womanist Theories; Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy; Critical Theories; Anti-Racist Pedagogy; Indigenous Knowledges in Education; Decolonizing Education; Community Schools; Diversity & Inclusiveness in K-16 Education

photo of John Patin graduate minor

 John Patin

 Department of French Studies

 B.A. University of Louisiana at Lafayette; M.A. Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge

 18th Century French Literature, Foucault



Fernando Rodriguez

Department of History

B.A. Loyola University; M.A. University of New Orleans

Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa

photo of Cristina Rosell graduate minor

 Cristina Rosell

 Department of English

 B.A. English, Florida International University; M.A. English and American Literature, New York University

 Early Modern British Literature; Genre Studies, with special attention to Drama, Masques, Lyric and Epic   Poetry; Court, Material, and Visual Cultures; and Feminist and Queer Theories

 Danielle Thomas

Department of Sociology

B.A. Sociology and Humanities with a minor in French, Milligan College

Community; race; poverty; action research; feminist methodology


Catherine L. Thurmond

Master of Arts in Liberal Arts Program

B.A. Sociology, Southeastern Louisiana University

Materialist Feminism; Queer Theory; Marxism; Monique Wittig; Memoir and Autobiography; Continental Philosophy; Second Wave Feminism



Alex Torres

Department of English

B.A. English and Spanish, Mississippi University for Women

Culture Studies; Female Leadership Development; Linguistics


photo of christopher vincent graduate minor

 Christopher Vincent

 Department of Communication Studies

 B.A. English, M.A. Communication Studies University of Louisville

 Rhetoric and Culture; Gender and Sexuality



Jordan L. Von Cannon

Department of English

M.A. English, University of Kansas

Nineteenth-century American Literature, U.S. Women's Writing, the American Immigrant Novel, the City Novel, Digital Humanities, Women's and Gender Studies, Feminist Narratology, and Theory of the Novel


 Second Picture of Kareem Wall Graduate Minor


 Kareem Wall

 Department of English

 B.S.E. Secondary English, University of Kansas

 Shakespeare, Medieval/Renaissance, Early American, Black Studies