Dr. Calamia and Dr. Brossoit receive "Caring for our Care Force" grant

The "Caring for our Care Force" grant is a $186,702 one-year grant from Mercy C.A.R.E.S. awarded to Covenant Health Network with LSU receiving a subaward ($104,204) to develop/implement the proposed interventions. Dr. Rebecca Brossoit and Dr. Matthew Calamia have partnered with Covenant Health Network to support employees in long-term care facilities. The long-term care industry in the United States is experiencing a workforce crisis having lost 400,000 employees since the start of the pandemic. These workers experience significant burnout from caring for residents with complex health needs, navigating difficult behaviors by residents with cognitive impairments, and managing a higher workload with multiple responsibilities due to the dwindling workforce. This project funded by Mercy C.A.R.E.S. will provide workshop sessions for employees and organization leadership, informed by evidence-based psychological, organizational, and interpersonal resources. The goals of the project are to increase leadership knowledge of mental health support, increase employee perception of organization support for mental health and well-being, reduce employee feelings of burnout, and increase employee well-being.

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