Don Zhang, Assistant Professor

Photo of Dr. ZhangOffice: 224 Audubon Hall
Department of Psychology
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University

M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University,

B.S. Psychology, Michigan State University

Research Interests

I am interesting why employees take risks and what this means for organizations. My research in this area has focused on personality determinants of risk taking as well as how risk preferences are manifested in the workplace as adaptive (e.g., creativity) and maladaptive (e.g., deviance) behaviors. I also interested in the employee selection process, broadly defined. Here, my research has focused both on managerial decision making and the applicant experience. I apply both psychometric and decision-theoretic approaches to studying these phenomena. Finally, I am also broadly interested in test development, psychometrics, data visualization, and use of the Big Data in the study of work. I am passionate about making I/O research findings useful for the general public through effective science communication strategies. Undergraduate or potential graduate students who are interested should contact me via email at and visit my website for more information

Research Topics

  • Personality at work
  • Workplace deviance
  • Prosocial risk taking
  • Employee selection decisions
  • Science communication
  • Scientist-practitioner gap
  • Psychometrics and testing

Representative Publications

Zhang, D.C. & Wang, Y. (in press, 2021) An empirical approach to identifying subject matter experts (SMEs) for the development of situational judgment tests. Journal of Personnel
Psychology Joseph, E. & Zhang, D.C. (in press, 2021), Personality profile of risk takers: An examination of Big Five facets. Journal of Individual Difference

Zhang, D.C. (in press, 2021). Duck-sized horses or horse-sized ducks? Oddball Personality Questions are likable (but useless) for organizational recruitment, Journal of Business and Psychology

Zhang, D.C. & Renshaw, T, (2020), Personality and college student subjective wellbeing: adomain specific approach. Journal of Happiness Studies. 21, 997-1014

Zhang, D.C., Highhouse, S., & Nye., Development and validation of the general risk propensity scale (GRiPS). (2019). Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. 32(2), 152-167

Zhang, D.C., Foster, G.C., & McKenna, M.G. (2019), Is the DOSPERT gender invariant? A psychometric test of gender invariance. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. 32(2), 203-211.

Highhouse, S., Nye, C.D., & Zhang, D.C. (2019), Dark motives and elective use of brainteaser interview questions. Applied Psychology: An International Review. 68(2), 311-340.

Zhang, D.C., Zhu, X., Ritter, K.J. & Thiele, A. (2019), Telling stories to communicate the value of the pre-employment structured job interview. International Journal of Selection and Assessment. 27(4), 299-314

Zhang, D.C., Highhouse, S., Brooks, M.E. & Zhang, Y. (2018), Communicating the validity of structured interviews with graphical visual aids. International Journal of Selection and Assessment. 26(2-4), 93-108

Zhang, D.C. (2018), Understandability of alternative effect size statistics and development of a webbased calculator: Shiny-AESC. Frontiers in Psychology. 9, 1221

Zhang, D.C. & Highhouse, S. (2018) Judgment and Decision Making in the Workplace. In Anderson, Ones, Sinangil, & Viswesvaran (Eds.), Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology 2nd Edition. Sage, CA