Michael L. Rolfsen

Michael L. Rolfsen


Degrees: M.A., Bioethics, Loyola University-Chicago; M.D., Louisiana State University-New Orleans

Phone: (225) 246-4514
Office: (office hours by appointment)
Website: Baton Rouge Clinic


Mike Rolfsen received his M.D. from LSU at New Orleans and has been a practicing physician at Baton Rouge Clinic since 1987. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians. Dr. Rolfsen also has an M.A. in Bioethics from Loyola University in Chicago. In 2012, he became an adjunct instructor in philosophy at LSU and now teaches the introductory course in Bioethics.


Areas of Interest

Courses Offered:

  • PHIL 2025 Bioethics 


Selected Publications

  • “Ethics in the Primary Care Office.” Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 162 (Jan/Feb 2010): 20
  • “Duty to Care.” Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 160 (May/June 2008).
  • "The Ethics of Personal Stockpiles." Annals of Internal Medicine 144 (2006): 304.
  • “Medical Care Provided During a Disaster Should Be Immune from Liability or Criminal Prosecution.”Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 159 (July/Aug, 2007).
  • With W. R. Davis. “Cerebral Function and Preservation During Cardiac Arrest.” Critical Care Medicine 17 (1989): 283.