Anthony Kelley

Anthony KelleyAssistant Professor & Member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder, 2020
Office: 210 Coates Hall

Anthony Kelley CV



Professor Kelley joined the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies in the fall of 2022. Before coming to LSU, he was an assistant professor of philosophy and Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow at Coe College, a small, private four-year liberal arts college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He completed a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder, a master's degree in philosophy from Northern Illinois University, and a bachelor's degree in women's and gender studies from Columbia University. He and his wife, Chasity, are both originally from Birmingham, AL, and they have two boys, Anthony and Jackie.

Areas of Interest

Professor Kelley works primarily in theoretical and practical ethics. His research in ethical theory focuses on a cluster of questions about the philosophy of welfare: What is of ultimate benefit or harm to beings like us? Could something be good for you in the most basic and fundamental way even if you were not at all interested in it? Is there a corresponding and opposite bad thing for each thing that is good for you (e.g., pleasure is good, and pain, its opposite, is bad)? His interests in practical ethics include the construction of principles for the allocation of scarce medical resources, such as livers for transplantation or ventilators for those suffering from COVID-19. Professor Kelley teaches a wide range of courses on topics such as Black Lives Matter, the philosophy of gender, and the philosophy of games.

Selected Publications

  • "The Welfare-Nihilist Arguments against Judgment Subjectivism," Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, 2021.
  • "Subjective Theories of Ill-Being," Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 2022

Awards and Honors

  • Faculty Travel Grant, Provost's Fund for Innovation in Research, LSU (2023)
  • Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellowship, American Colleges of the Midwest, Coe College, 2020-2022
  • Best Should Teach Silver Award, Graduate Teacher Program, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
  • Dissertation Fellowship, Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
  • Dissertation Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
  • Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, United Government of Graduate Students, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
  • Best Graduate Student Presentation, Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Philosophical Association, Mississippi State University, 2018
  • Visiting Fellowship, Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
  • Visiting Fellowship, Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2015
  • Faculty Diversity Fellowship, University of Montevallo, 2013
  • Jeffrey T. Lunsford Diversity Fellowship, Northern Illinois University, 2009-2010