Interdisciplinary Studies

Create a program that works for you

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) is for students who are self-motivated,creative, and think out of the traditional academic box.

Organizations in the 21st century are looking for innovative problem-solvers who can analyze challenges from multiple perspectives. The BIS degree gives you a well-rounded degree while being able to craft your own program to fit your professional needs and creativity.

What is the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies?

The BIS degree consists of three minors plus a capstone/milestone course, University Studies (UNST) 3900. It's that simple, and you'll have strong advising from the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences counselors all the way. UNST 3900 enables you to create a professional digital portfolio that shows employers that you can combine skills from those different minors to solve specific problems.

How is the BIS degree different?

The degree is flexible, yet it enable you to prepare for a unique career. For example, say you're interested in a business career in the Caribbean region: you could pick minors from International Studies, Business, and Spanish. Or let's say coastal sustainability is your passion: there's Geography/Disaster Science & Management, Coastal Studies, and Political Science. Or the film industry? Maybe Screen Arts, Theater, and Digital Media Arts and Engineering.

If you're curious, entrepreneurial, and intellectually adventurous, this degree is for you!


The LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences has a dedicated team of academic advisors to help you succeed! Schedule an appointment online or contact HSS Student Services at 225-578-3141 or for more information about this major. To contact the director of the Interdisciplinary Studies program, email Lori Martin at