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Job Placement

Even in the very difficult academic job market of the last decade, LSU PhDs have been competing for—and getting—tenure-track positions at an array of educational institutions, from large public universities (University of Arkansas, Oklahoma State University, University of Illinois-Springfield) to small liberal-arts schools (Hastings College, Oklahoma City University, Trine) to a wide range of regional universities (Louisiana Tech University, Alcorn State University, University of Mobile, Middle Georgia State University). In addition, our students regularly are awarded post-doctoral fellowships by institutions including Georgia Tech and Tulane—awards that typically serve as stepping-stones to full-time academic positions.  
A vigorous, supportive, and personalized placement program assists our students in obtaining academic positions that are right for them. Students who wish to pursue jobs in academia typically go on the market in the Fall of their fifth year. They work with the department’s Placement Officer, from whom they receive advice on the application process and on the preparation of job materials. Workshops for job candidates take place throughout the Fall semester, as students work with the Placement Director and with one another on writing their application letters, research and teaching statements, and other vital documents.  After earning a job interview, students are able to participate in practice-interviews run by individual faculty members, so as to be as well-prepared for their job interview as possible, and students who get a call-back to campus have the opportunity to present a job-talk rehearsal in the supportive environment of  our department.

Many other of our graduates pursue and obtain non-academic jobs, for which their PhD or MFA prepared them either directly or indirectly. Our graduates teach in private high schools, direct arts institutions, staff non-profits, and work as librarians, writers, editors, among other positions.


Name Title, University Previous Position
Benjamin Bergholtz Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech U (Previous: Postdoc, Georgia Tech)
Amandine Faucheux VAP, U of Louisiana, Lafayette  
Megan Feifer Assistant Professor, Medaille College  
Lindsay Katzir Assistant Professor, Langston U (Previous: Instructor, Oklahoma City U)
Christine Jeansonne Assistant Professor, Southern U  
Eric Kennedy Postdoctoral Fellow, Hastings College  
Ryan McGuckin Assistant Professor, Southern U  
Joshua Meyers Lecturer, Kent State U, Salem  
Taylor Orgeron Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State U  
Leah Powell Digital Collections Librarian, LSU Libraries  
Amanda Wicks Public Affairs Specialist, NYU (Previous: Digital Editor, CUNY)
Logan Wiedenfeld Assistant Professor, Alcorn State U (Previous: Postdoc, Tulane)
Dustin Zemel Assistant Professor, St. Martin's College  



Name Title, University Previous Position
Lindsay Head  Instructor, Florida International U   
Jaime Cantrell  Assistant Professor, Texas A&M-Texarkana  (Previous: VAP, U of Mississippi) 
Aaron Duplantier  Assistant Teaching Professor, Syracuse U  (Previous: VAP, U of Houston) 
Jared Hromadka  Instructor, LSU  (Previous: Instructor, ELOP/LSU) 
Corrie Kiesel  Instructor, LSU  (Previous: Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana U) 
Monica Miller  Assistant Professor, Middle Georgia State U  (Previous: U, Georgia Tech U) 
Rimun Murad  Assistant Professor, Temple U  (Previous: Postdoctoral Instructor, LSU) 
Emily Nemens  Editor, The Paris Review  (Previous: Editor, The Southern Review) 
Ikuko Takeda  Assistant Professor, Housei U   
Sarah Webb  Assistant Professor, U of Illinois, Springfield