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LSU English is home to world-renowned faculty, innovative course offerings, and talented students. At the heart of our work is an attention to verbal communication in spoken and written form – what humans do with language, how we do it, why we do it, and to what effects. Through the study of literature, linguistics, rhetoric, film, theory, and the craft of writing in a variety of genres and forms, we challenge students to ask questions of texts, to read beyond literal meanings, to understand how context and text interact, and to create compelling texts of their own. The value of an English degree is that the person who can write with elegance and precision, and who has the skills to interpret and analyze texts, is needed – and valued - in every area of work and life.  

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Professor Sue Weinstein
Chair, Department of English


LSU Department of English has Two Film Programs

LSU offers two programs for students interested in pursuing film: the screen arts program housed in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the film and television program housed in the College of Music and Dramatic Arts.

According to screenwriting professor Jason Buch, the screen arts program provides a broader view of film, providing students with three tracks to focus on depending on what their aspirations in the film industry are. He said that of the three tracks—production, screenwriting and film theory—production is the most popular.

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