Post-Hurricane Katrina
Research & Recovery Work
Frederick D. Weil
Department of Sociology/LSU


Reconstituting Community: Paths to Recovery in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. Surveys of residents and community leaders, with GIS maps.

Documentary Film: We have begun to make a documentary film about recovery. See our preliminary clips.

Research Maps. Preliminary and Exploratory.

Community Organizations and Disaster Recovery. What strategies work best, and what resources are most essential.

The New Orleans Music Community. Demographic and Survey analysis of the recovery of this crucial community, in cooperation with "Sweet Home New Orleans," an organization helping musicians.

Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans: Research, Advising and pro bono Consulting.

Contractor Fraud Survey. Contractor fraud is a major challenge in New Orleans' recovery from disaster.

The Young Newcomers/Returnees to New Orleans. New Orleans' "Brain Gain." 2008 and 2010 surveys of these dynamic younger community members.

Impact of the BP Oil Spill of 2010. Surveys of Gulf Coast residents.

The Social Fabric Under Stress. Surveys of Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina.

Initial Ideas and Sketches, Immediately after Katrina

Relief and Recovery Work

The Roots of Music, an award-winning after-school Music Program for middle school children in New Orleans.

Chair of Congregation B'nai Israel Hurricane Relief Committee. Including ...

Also ...

Video and Photos of Post-Katrina New Orleans

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