Post-Hurricane Katrina
Research and Recovery Work

Frederick D. Weil
Department of Sociology
Louisiana State University


Community Organizations and Disaster Recovery

    What strategies work best, and what resources (monetary, organizational, social, etc) are most essential. Survey of Neighborhood Associations, in collaboration with NPN, the Neighborhoods Partnership Network, as part of their Capacity College.

    • NPN's full report of the study is here or here
      • My draft report to NPN, contained in their full report, here
      • My earlier, interim report with additional charts, here
      • The questionnaire, here.
    • Article in the N.O. Times-Picayune: N.O. residents band together to grow post-Katrina, by Molly Reid, Saturday May 09, 2009. "Dubbed the Capacity College and organized by the nonprofit Neighborhoods Partnership Network, the program consists of two peer-led classes each week, for 78 representatives of 20 neighborhood organizations and nonprofit groups."

Preliminary Maps

    Detailed Map:

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