Post-Hurricane Katrina
Research and Recovery Work

Frederick D. Weil
Department of Sociology
Louisiana State University


Congregation B'nai Israel Hurricane Relief Committee
which I chair

    • Report of the Committee's work, 2005-2008, here.
    • Notable projects & activities:
      • The Roots of Music, an After-School Music Program for middle school children in New Orleans, here.
      • A party we put on for residents of Renaissance Village, the largest FEMA trailer site, on 7/26/07, with a Jambalaya dinner, snow cones, a raffle, a New Orleans brass band, to raise spirits & generate a little happiness. (We worked with the residents since the village opened after the storm until its closing. For instance, we put in a cafe, which became a community center.) See photos here.
      • Cafe at Renaissance Village, existed from early 2007 till the closing of Renaissance Village in mid-2008. The Cafe was designed to promote community, provide comfort, facilitate information sharing, build resident strength. The Cafe had over 600 unique visitors a month. See photo here.
      • A photo exhibit, here, of children’s photographs from FEMA’s trailer village, which we co-produced, at the LSU Union Art Gallery in July/August 2006. The exhibit then moved to the Chashama gallery in New York City in September/October. See here.


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