Post-Hurricane Katrina
Research and Recovery Work

Frederick D. Weil
Department of Sociology
Louisiana State University


"The Social Fabric Under Stress"
Surveys of Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina

(funded by the National Science Foundation)

    • First wave, September-November, 2005.

    • Second Wave, February-April, 2006.
      • Preliminary Results
      • Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden receiving a report of the results with my sociology methods class, here.

    • Third Wave, April, 2007.
    • Papers & Publications
      • "The Burdens of Social Capital: How Socially-Involved People Dealt with Stress after Hurricane Katrina," by Frederick Weil, Edward Shihadeh, and Matthew Lee. In press,Social Science Research.  DOI: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2011.06.006, here
      • “The FEMA Trailer Parks: Negative Perceptions and the Social Structure of Avoidance,” Sociological Spectrum, 27: 741–766, 2007, special issue on Hurricane Katrina, here.

    • Video of a talk I gave (9/1/06) on this research and a preview of the "Reconstituting Community" research (item above), here.


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