LSU Courses in Ethics

Biology and Evolution of Morality

HNRS 2030.02

Fall 2019

M W 4:30 - 5:50

Professor John Protevi


This is a broad introductory course in the current research into the biological underpinnings and evolutionary origins of morality. The course is interdisciplinary, combining psychology, biology, neuroscience, and philosophy; it is both an introduction to cutting-edge research and a chance to revisit perennial questions.

Grading Components

  • 3 response papers on reading assignments of 3-4 pages. 15% each for 45% total.
  • Term paper of 2500 words due in finals week, with preliminary steps required (paper is to be preceded by a thesis statement and outline due in week 9, an annotated bibliography in week 11, and a rough draft due in week 13): 50% (collaborative work possible)
  • Class participation: 5%.


Book cover for "A Natural History of Human Morality"

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