ADA & Accessibility

LSU is a wonderfully unique community.  Our campus is strengthened and enriched by people of varied experiences and backgrounds, including people with disabilities.  

Beyond Legal Accommodations

Accessibility is an approach to communication and engagement that recognizes the unique needs of our entire campus community. Accessibility goes beyond legal accommodations for students, staff and faculty with disabilities.  We work toward making this a community where each person can access the programs and activities of our campus, providing each person the opportunity to thrive.

We do this in three main ways: 

  • by working toward building a strong community of people with disabilities on our campus 
  • by interrupting structural, attitudinal, and institutional barriers that hinder equal access to university-sponsored programs and activities 
  • by being a community that values all persons with disabilities as integral members of our campus community 

Request for Proposals

LSU will soon issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan.  The RFP is an invitation for interested vendors to submit proposals to LSU. A vendor will then be selected to conduct the ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan on the LSU A&M campus.

Meet the ADA Coordinator


In the role as ADA Coordinator my focus is campus access for all
community members whether employee, guest or student. My goal
is to increase campus access, not only through accommodation but
through thoughtful planning, affording full participation for those
with disabilities in the physical, programmatic and digital spaces.

Jennie Stewart
ADA Coordinator
Telephone: 225-578-9000