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LSU cybersecurity students

The Future Is Bright: What LSU's New, Prestigious Cybersecurity Designation by the NSA Means for Students, Louisiana

LSU announced that it has been designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations, or CAE-CO, by the National Security Agency, or NSA. It's an honor shared among only 22 universities and colleges in the nation. Here, research students and alumni in the LSU cybersecurity program speak to the immediate impacts this recognition will have on them, on LSU and on Louisiana, where they all grew up.

NSA logo and LSU logo

LSU Receives Elite Cyber Designation from the National Security Agency

NSA's recognition of excellence in cybersecurity validates and accelerates LSU's leadership in education and research, laying the foundation for national prominence in cyber talent and technology development.

AI-generated art of computers fighting with hooks

LSU Cyber Warriors Track Computer Crime with AI

Cybersecurity researchers are developing a new tool, called HookTracer, to speed up cybercrime investigations using AI.

Ibrahim “Abe” Baggili and Aisha Ali-Gombe

LSU Attracts Two of the Nation's Top Cybersecurity Professors

Professor Ibrahim “Abe” Baggili and Associate Professor Aisha Ali-Gombe have joined the LSU Division of Computer Science & Engineering and the LSU Center for Computation & Technology to advance LSU's vision for—and leadership in—cybersecurity and defense to protect Louisiana and the nation's most critical assets.

Industrial Control Systems

LSU Cybersecurity Offerings, Capabilities Expand With FIREStarter 2

Industry investment in LSU will fund digital forensics and industrial control systems hardware and software to expand hands-on applied cybersecurity courses and support research into industrial control systems security.

Golden Richard and President Tate

From Hacker to Cyber Defender With LSU’s Dr. Golden Richard III

Growing up, Dr. Golden Richard III’s fanatical devotion to computers led him to clean parking lots for a year, simply to buy a single $600 floppy drive. After 40 years, Golden is educating the next generation of highly technical cybersecurity professionals at LSU.

Ribbon-cutting for cybersecurity and defense initiative

LSU Announces Strategy and Commitment to Become Leader in Cybersecurity, Military Studies

LSU’s eight campuses join forces with private industry, federal and state law enforcement, military, and other partners to accelerate cybersecurity and defense studies at LSU, strengthen and grow its ROTC program, develop a new generation of talent and technology, and build a cyber-military corridor on campus.

BRBytes doubles in capacity

LSU BRBytes Program to Boost Computer Science in K-12 Schools Doubles in Capacity

Going from 14 parishes and 2,000 students to 22 parishes and 4,000 students in mere months, BRBytes team makes yet another commitment to reach an additional 3,000 elementary school students in East Baton Rouge by summer.

Students in the Applied Cybersecurity Lab

LSU Selected to Apply for National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations

The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) program recently selected LSU as the sole university allowed to apply for the CAE-CO designation in 2021. This designation is currently held by only 24 other universities across the nation.

Katy Ullrich and students at Liberty High School

Big Bytes: LSU Program to Help Teach Computer Science and Computational Thinking Skills in Louisiana High Schools and Lower Grades Quickly Expands Across State

BRBytes, leveraged by the LSU STEM Pathways program, has gone from a handful of schools to 30 schools in 14 parishes in two years, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Maggio

The Hunt for New Hackers

Although the average salary among cybersecurity professionals is over $90K and an additional 500,000 workers with the right training could get a job in the U.S. right now if they wanted to, few students realize these jobs exist and that they don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or some “basement weirdo” to succeed. Through its Applied Cybersecurity Lab and Scholarships for Service (SFS) program, LSU is connecting a diverse set of students with hands-on research projects in partnership with industry, as well as guaranteed jobs after graduation.

Michelle Livermore

Equality in the Digital World: LSU Faculty Develop Software to Combat Discrimination

Over the past few years, sharing economy services such as Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit have brought significant economic growth, especially in communities at the lower end of the economic ladder. However, recent research has exposed serious discrimination problems on these platforms.

Mingxuan Sun

LSU CS Assistant Professor Mingxuan Sun Receives NSF CAREER Award

LSU Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Mingxuan Sun recently received the NSF CAREER Award for a project she is working on called “Privacy-aware Predictive Modeling of Dynamic Human Events,” which is supported by the NSF Information & Intelligent Systems Division.

LSU campus aerial

LSU ECE, CS Professors Win Best Paper for Work on Deep Learning Neural Networks

LSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Lu Peng and LSU Computer Science and Engineering Associate Professor Jian Zhang recently received the Best Paper Award at the 10th International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference for their paper, “Hardware Accelerator for Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning Neural Networks.”

Joshua Duke in D.C.

LSU Computer Science Student Interning at NSA

LSU student Joshua Duke is one of 30 college students interning on-site at the National Security Agency, or NSA, this summer.