School of Social Work's Denise Chiasson named "Outstanding Staff" at LSU Foundation annual awards program

February 7, 2018

Baton Rouge, LA -- The LSU Foundation Staff Outstanding Service Award is an annual award established to recognize the superior work performance and outstanding contributions of

Photo of Denise Chiasson and Dean Damon Andrew

Denise Chiasson, associate director in the LSU School of Social Work, receives Outstanding Staff Award from the LSU Foundation. Pictured with Damon Andrew, dean of the College of Human Sciences & Education.

full-time, non-academic staff employees of the LSU A&M campus and the LSU AgCenter. This year, Denise Chiasson, associate director and director of student services in the LSU School of Social Work received this honorable distinction.

According to her colleague, Dr. Elaine M. Maccio, Chiasson is most deserving of this honor. Dr. Maccio writes "Chaisson's job duties, and the superior manner in which she carries them out, contribute to the pursuit of several goals, many of which the department and the university share. Not the least of these goals are recruitment, enrollment, retention, and course delivery. Ms. Chiasson regularly travels off campus to meet with high school students, introduce them to the social work profession, and invite them to pursue higher education at LSU. She also holds on-campus information sessions several times a year, in a small-group format, regarding the programs we offer. Managing a graduate program of more than 370 students from within the state and across the country, Ms. Chiasson is an apt ambassador for our school, college, and university. Indeed, her efforts have contributed to $3.5 million in gross revenue for the University and $1.5 for our department. Ms. Chiasson also teaches courses and makes local, state, and national conference presentations regarding online education, program management, and leadership in higher education."

Dr. Maccio adds, "Ms. Chiasson’s expertise has led her to create, execute, and maintain a sophisticated infrastructure in order to manage our doctoral, Master’s, and impending Bachelor’s programs. Here is just one example: The SSW began its fully online MSW program in fall of 2014. Adhering to the University’s format of six 7-week modules a year, students start and finish the program on a rolling basis. Given the various course and internship prerequisites, as well as the courses required by the accrediting body for social work education, course scheduling posed a logistical nightmare. With her ability to see the “big picture” without overlooking the details, Ms. Chiasson designed a program “carousel,” depicting what courses needed to be offered and when, and she developed program-of-study templates for every possible point of entry into the program. The outcome was a model of admissions, registration, enrollment, and tracking that was streamlined and also offered online students greater options for starting and graduating."

Chiasson has more than 22 years of educational leadership experience, and the college and school are proud of all she has accomplished. Her approachable, personable, collegial, helpful, and energetic manner truly set her apart as a most exceptional colleague.

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