Dr. Priscilla Allen presents at Topex Conference in Fiji


Associate Professor Dr. Priscilla Allen delivered two invited presentations, one on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct and another on Executive Coaching, at the Topex Conference, Coral Coast, Fiji in October of 2015.

FijiPictured to the right is (from left) Franco Gandolfi, Dean University of The South Pacific (USP) Faculty of Business and Economics. Dr. Allen, and His Excellency, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, the President of Fiji.

The business environment in Fiji has become more interested in incorporating social work and humanistic skills in their management repertoire. The CFO of Fiji Water was also present at the conference, among 150 other leaders in tourism and hospitality, banking, and higher education.

Allen conducted two two-day trainings in Suva on Human Resources and Relations for Line Managers.

Allen also provided a talk on innovation to 500 attendees at the Fiji Quality Conference.

Pictured below is (from left) Productivity and Employment Minister Jioji Konrote, Dr. Allen, and Laurence Prusak, Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management (IKM).

Konrote, Dr. allen, prusak