Save the Date: "The Triumph of the Human Spirit, from Auschwitz to Forgiveness" hosting Eva Kor, Holocaust and Mengele Twin Experiment Survivor

03/07/2014 12:00 PM

LSU Life Course and Aging Center presents “The Triumph of the Human Spirit, from Auschwitz to Forgiveness,” an evening with Eva Mozes Kor, Holocaust and Mengele Twin Experiment Survivor.

The event will be held on March 20, 2014, at 7 p.m. at the Pennington Biomedical Center in the C.B. Pennington Auditorium. Admission is free.
Please RSVP here as seating is limited to 500 and available on first-come, first served basis. 
Standing room will also be available, but early arrival is encouraged if you wish to be seated. 

The event will also be live-streamed online here. 
Please join us to learn more of Kor’s riveting story of forgiveness and healing in the wake of the unspeakable tragedies of the Holocaust and gain the unique experience of hearing from an Auschwitz survivor. 

Kor was born in Romania in 1934 under the spector of the Nazi takeover of Germany and everyday experience of prejudice against the Jews. In 1944 the Mozes family was transported to the regional ghetto in Simleu Silvaniei. A few weeks later the family, along with other Jewish prisoners, were transported to Auschwitz, a Nazi death camp. Kor never saw her parents and two older sisters again. Kor and her twin sister Miriam became part of a group of children used as human guinea pigs in genetic experiments under the direction of Dr. Josef Mengele. Approximately 1,500 sets of twins were abused and most died as a result of these experiments. Eva and Miriam were two of only 200 children found alive by the Soviet Army at the liberation of the camp on January 27, 1945. 
Fifty years later Eva returned to Auschwitz where she freed herself from her victim status and announced to the world that she forgave the Nazis. Powered by a relentless attitude, Eva emerged from a life filled with trauma as a brilliant example of the power of the human spirit to overcome. 
She is a community leader, a champion of human rights, and tireless educator of young people.
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