Allie Ryan, alumna, shares her experiences in the classroom

Allie Ryan, CHSE alumna, shares how enjoyable her first full week of teaching first grade was at Hammond Westside Montessori.

“My week was wonderful! I cannot express enough how much my PK3 experience at LSU has prepared me for this time in my life,” said Ryan. “As I was readying my classroom and undergoing Montessori training, my mentor would say, ‘you seem very calm.’ The fact was that I was extremely calm. I felt confident in what I was doing and prepared for what was to come.”

Ryan graduated from the LSU School of Education’s PK-3 Teacher Education program this spring.

Ryan thanks her professors: Cynthia F Dicarlo, Karen Donnelly, Jennifer J Baumgartner, and Megan Sheehan-Dean, for taking part in her education at LSU.

“I truly feel like I am extremely prepared and confident for my year to come, and I am so excited to see what this year has in store for me!” said Ryan.

Allie Ryan
Allie Ryan's classroom
Allie Ryan

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