World Language Teaching Conference 2023

February 1, 2023

BATON ROUGE, LA - World Language Teaching: Practices & Techniques is a conference hosted by the Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education. The conference will provide second language teachers: knowledge of current methods, techniques, and issues in the field of second language acquisition while networking and sharing experiences with colleagues new instructional techniques and experience first-hand how to apply them in new and innovative ways discussion on various proficiency assessments available to language learners and how they align to national and state standards. 
When? Saturday, March 4, 2023 
Where? LSU Business Education Complex
Who? World Language, ESL instructional specialists/coaches, and all content and grade-level teachers who have English Learners (ELs) in their classroom.

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Dr. Carol Salva 
Lead Educational Consultant 
Seidlitz Education  
Carol Salva is an award winning educator with proven success working with unschooled/under-schooled, multilingual learners classified as SLIFE (Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education) or ELD (English Language Development) students. She is a key Seidlitz Education consultant for training, coaching, modeling, and supporting program leaders. Dr. Carol Salva is a co-author of Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students with Interrupted or Minimal Education and a co-author of DIY PD: A Guide to Self-Directed Learning for Educators of Multilingual Learners. She has taught elementary, middle and high school. Carol holds a doctorate in education in the area of ethical leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. She also has her Masters degree in Education Administration. Along with her ESL certification, she is a Certified Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Trainer and a Certified Abydos Writing Trainer. Dr. Salva is a Kahoot Ambassador and the co-chair of the NAELPA professional learning committee. She lives with her husband and three children in Houston, Texas.
Darcy Rogers 
Organic World Language  
Darcy is the Founder of Organic World Language (OWL) and began developing the methodology in 2003. Her work is based on second language acquisition research, student motivation, and best teaching practices. Focusing on creating a space for second language to be naturally acquired, she believes in placing emphasis on students developing language through movement, social interaction, play and 100% immersion. The key element is the importance of creating community in the classroom while putting the student in the center as the curriculum. Darcy received her Bachelors in Spanish and Education from Western Oregon University and her Masters in Spanish Literature from University of Northern Iowa, Tec de Monterrey en Querétaro, México. She has 14 years teaching experience and for the past three years has been presenting at national conferences and working with schools to implement OWL internationally.