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Homelessness in the Classroom: Teaching Our Most Vulnerable Students now available


Baton Rouge, LA - Kerri Tobin, PhD, professor in the School of Education, and LSU PhD student Brandy Gros authored Homelessness in the Classroom: Teaching Our Most Vulnerable Students. The book highlights the unique needs of the highly vulnerable students that are facing homelessness. The authors present research on homelessness as it affects children and provides practical ways for teachers to serve these students in K-12 so they can prepare for their next phase of life. It is the perfect resource for pre-service teachers and professionals that wish to understand and implement verified strategies for reaching underserved student populations. The book is available in paperback and eBook here.  

Book Features: 
- Designed as a practical guide for classroom teachers 
- Reviews research about how homelessness affects children in the classroom 
- Offers concrete advice and practical suggestions for teachers 
- Meant to be used as a guide for current teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and more! 

Dr. Tobin is a researcher who focuses on the effects of poverty on all facets of education, with particular interest in the intersections of race and class as they play out in classrooms and schools. Knowing that poverty impacts which schools children attend, what their teachers expect of them, and what they will ultimately go on to achieve, she helps new and pre-service teachers recognize and understand their tremendous responsibilities in the classroom. Dr. Tobin started her teaching career in the lowest-income Congressional district in the United States and spent a decade mentoring new teachers in high-poverty schools in New York City, Philadelphia, and Nashville before pursuing her PhD. She uses the foundational social work values and ideals she learned in her MSW program to guide students in developing empowering, student-centered classroom practices. Dr. Tobin teaches in the Secondary Holmes, Elementary Education, and the Ogden Honors College programs. 

Brandy Gros received her BA in Social Work at Buffalo State College and her MA in Post-Secondary Educational Leadership in Student Affairs at San Diego University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership and Research at LSU. After guest lecturing in Dr. Tobin’s HNRS 2020: Homelessness in Our Community class, Brandy and Dr. Tobin joined forces to publish their new book, Homelessness in the Classroom: Teaching Our Most Vulnerable Students. Brandy says she enjoyed how open Dr. Tobin was to collaborating with her and is extremely thankful for the opportunity. After learning from and working with Dr. Tobin, Brandy has stated that while she knows publication is not easy, you may see a few more books from her in the future. 

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