LSU Summer Abroad in the British Isles

When: Summer 2022
Who: Open to all students - any major, undergrad or graduate
What: 5 cities, 5 countries, 29 days
Courses: Choose two of six courses offered
Why: Experience European cities in one of the most affordable of all summer programs

Join Drs. Bach, Dietz, and Maccio for a study abroad program for summer 2022 in Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and London!

You may choose two from the following six courses:

  • EDCI 2001: Education, Schooling, and Society (Gen Ed)
  • HIST 2025: Early Modern Europe - Emphasis on Ireland and England (Gen Ed)
  • HIST 3118: England and Ireland 1200-1500: War and Plague, Famine and Death
  • SW 2500: Diversity in Ireland and the UK (Gen Ed)
  • SW 4070: International Social Justice
  • WGS 4500: Gender & Society in the UK and Ireland

Jackie Bach, PhD (Education;

Elaine M. Maccio, PhD (Social Work;

Maribel Dietz, PhD (History;

Included in the program cost:

  • Housing
  • Admission to all field trip locations, including Stonehenge and Bath
  • Within-city transportation
  • Ground transportation from Dublin to Howth and back, from Dublin to Belfast, and from London to Stonehenge and Bath and back
  • Daily breakfast
  • Group meal on the last day

Not included:

  • Tuition
  • Airfare from the US to Dublin, Belfast to Edinburgh, and London to the US
  • Ground transportation to and from airports
  • Daily lunch and dinner

Remember, you may be eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

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