Mentoring Session ft. Dr. William F. Pinar

Navigating Academic Authenticity in/through the Neoliberalism

Featured scholar Dr. William F. Pinar, University of British Columbia

Friday, February 19, 2016
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
LSU Women's Center


Besieged by a corporate institutional culture and held captive by an ideology of standardization and assimilation, new and emerging scholars are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their academic authenticity within the nation’s “Ivory Towers". Taking our cue from Dr. Pinar, a world renowned scholar in curriculum studies, this mentoring session will allow us to inquire, to (re)imagine being in academia. Dr. Pinar will share experiences of his first year in a lengthy career as scholar-theorist-professor to commence this dialogue on academic authenticity.

This event is open to all faculty, students, and staff and is presented in conjunction with the 2016 Curriculum Theory Project Curriculum Camp Conference.

Dr. William Pinar holds a PhD from Ohio State University and is currently a Professor and Canada Research Chair at University of British Columbia. Prior to his appointment at
the University of British Columbia, Dr. Pinar served as the St. Bernard Parish Alumni Endowed Professor at Louisiana State University where he cofounded
LSU's Curriculum Theory Project and the annual LSU Curriculum Camp. In addition to his time at LSU, Dr. Pinar has held visiting appointments at Teachers College, Columbia University, Ohio State University, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and the University of Alberta among other institutions.

Dr. Pinar's scholarly contributions to the field of curriculum theory are immense and serve as critical texts in curriculum studies around the world. A few of his most recent books include:

  • 2015, Toward a Poor Curriculum (3rd edition. Co-authored with M. R. Grumet).
  • 2015, Educational Experience as Lived: Knowledge, History, Alterity.
  • 2014, International Handbook of Curriculum Research. (2nd edition.)
  • 2012, What is Curriculum Theory? (2nd edition.)
  • 2011, The Character of Curriculum Studies: Bildung, Currere, and the Recurrent Question of the Subject.

Hosted by: Curriculum Theory Project & Curriculum Theory Graduate Student Collaborative