Meet Rosalind Hudson, Newest Faculty Member of SOE

February 7, 2023

BATON ROUGE, LA- Rosalind Hudson is the newest faculty member in the LSU Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education. Get to know more about her here!


The Road to LSU... 

"I began my career as a K-12 educator teaching prekindergarten in San Antonio Independent School District. I later relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico where I taught in the elementary grades in Albuquerque Public Schools and charter school settings. In New Mexico, I was introduced to the field of special education where I obtained my master’s degree in Multicultural Special Education. My teaching career continued to expand to Tennessee, where I taught in the elementary grades in Memphis City Schools. Then, moving back to my beloved state of Louisiana, I taught special education in West Baton Rouge Parish. Lastly, my career shifted but remained in special education, where I worked as an educational diagnostician in East Baton Rouge Parish School System for 10 years."

Prior to her hire as a full time professor of practice, Hudson taught several courses as an adjunct instructor and was a university supervisor for our student teachers.


Based on your experiences as a K-12 educator, university supervisor, and university instructor, what is your approach to preparing aspiring teachers in our programs?

"In my current role as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, my approach for preparing aspiring teachers in our teacher education programs at LSU is to promote the profession through critical reflection, coaching, continued networking with local school districts, professional development seminars through the Office of Professional Experiences, and observations using current teacher evaluation methods. As I prepare students in the teacher education programs, I am also thinking long-term about how to prepare students to teach in the diverse classrooms of our ever-changing world. The question is how can that best be implemented?"


What are you most excited about in your new position?

In relation to my work with the LSU Office of Professional Experiences (OPE), I am most excited about supporting the director of OPE through the continued development of university supervisors, crafting revisions to the student teaching handbooks, conducting program data analysis for further growth and improvement, and ensuring the development, success, and retention of our teacher candidates. When it comes to undergraduate teaching, I am excited to draw on my real-life K-12 classroom experiences as I implement instruction that is culturally relevant, aligns with students’ needs, and reflects our contemporary educational opportunities and challenges.

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