Geaux Teach Open House

Want to teach History or Social Studies?​ Attend Geaux Teach Open House, on Thursday, April 6, at 4:30 p.m.​ in 253 Himes Hall​. Meet current Geaux Teach Students and learn how to get your teacher certification in 4 semesters! ​

The Geaux Teach Program is offered to a student in their final four semesters at LSU.​ Courses taken through the program must be taken consecutively (only offered ONCE each year).​ A student's first two semesters in the program will consist of observing a mentor teacher in local school (45 hours TOTAL.)​ Semester seven will consist of 60% Student-teaching (10 Hours of GT courses; 1-2 outside courses,)​ while the final semester will consist of 80% Student-Teaching Must complete all other coursework first! (15 Hours of GT Courses.)

Geaux Teach coursework is listed below:

  • Prerequisite: EDCI 2001 (OR Take Junior Year)​
  • Junior Fall: EDCI 3001 (3) & HIST 3001 (1)​
  • Junior Spring: EDCI 3136 (3) & HIST 3002 (1)​
  • Senior Fall: EDCI 4003 (3) & HIST 4403 (1) & EDCI 4005 (6): 60% Student-Teaching​
  • MUST COMPLETE ALL COURSEWORK by Fall Semester, Senior Year​
  • Senior Spring: 15 Hours (80% Student-Teaching) EDCI 4005 (9), EDCI 4004 (3), HIST 4404 (3)​

Social Studies Area Reqs are listed below:

  • 15 Hours in Social Studies Areas​
  • 3 in ECON: 2000, 2010, of 2030​
  • 3 in GEOG: 1001 or 1003… OR ANTH​
  • ANTH: 1001, 1003, 2015, 2050, or 2051​
  • 3 in POLI: 1001, 2030, 2051, 2053, 2057, or 2060​
  • 3 in PSYC: 2000​
  • 3 in SOCL: 2001, 2501, or 2505​

Questions? Contact Dr. Gutfreund (​.

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