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Baton Rouge, LA - Jennifer Curry, PhD, professor in the counselor education program at LSU, published the third edition of her textbook Career and College Readiness Counseling in P-12 Schools. With updated statistics, enhanced content, and verbatim wisdom and advice, the new edition helps school counselors conceptualize the career and college readiness needs of diverse P-12 students. It covers topics such as the impact of social media on student development, postsecondary transition planning for students with disabilities, the changing culture of higher education recruitment, work-based learning opportunities, gap year information, and more. The textbook provides sample syllabi, PowerPoints, learning activities, discussion prompts, exam questions, and online activities, games, and apps. 

“Curry and Milsom take an intentional and realistic approach to career development that is inclusive of all students at each developmental stage, and they recognize that the training path to pursuing a career is unique to each person...” -- Dodie Limberg, PhD, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina  

Jennifer R. Curry, Ph. D., NCC, Shirley B. Barton Endowed Professor in the College of Human Sciences and Education, teaches in the counselor education program at Louisiana State University. Dr. Curry’s research interests include career and college readiness and school counselor induction and development. Her professional experiences include investigating crimes against children and serving as an elementary, middle, and high school counselor. She has published over 50 peer reviewed articles and five books and six books. Her books include P-12 Career and College Readiness Counseling (3rd ed.) published by Springer and co-authored with A. Milsom, Promising Practices for High School Apprenticeships published by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), African Americans’ Career and College Readiness: The Journey Unraveled, co-edited with M. Ann Shillingford-Butler published by Lexington, and Integrating Play Techniques in Comprehensive School Counseling Programs co-edited with Laura Fazio-Griffith. Dr. Curry has presented her work nationally and internationally at over 150 professional conferences. She serves as an associate editor for Professional School Counseling and she has served as a delegate of ASCA’s national assembly and President of the Louisiana School Counselor Association (LSCA).  She is the recipient of the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Ross Trust Award, Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling’s (ASERVIC) Judith Miranti Lifetime Service Award, the ASERVIC Meritorious Service Award, the Biggs Pine Publication Award, Louisiana Counseling Association’s (LCA) Research Award, LCA’s Advocacy Award, Louisiana State University’s Distinguished Faculty Award, and Vanderbilt’s Roger Aubrey Northstar Award for the person most likely to change the field of counseling. 

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