Transatlantic Exchanges: Histories, Cultures, and Languages Beyond National Borders Virtual Conference – September 13

September 27, 2022

BATON ROUGE, LA - On September 13, 2022, The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education hosted a virtual conference in partnership with Louisiana State University School of Education's Curriculum Theory Project entitled: Transatlantic Exchanges: Histories, Cultures, and Languages Beyond National Borders. This conference sought to establish relations and educational exchanges between peoples who share French and Creole transatlantic cultures, languages, and identities in North America towards re-historicizing the educational landscape of marginalized Franco/Afro/Indigenous/Creole activist communities.

There were two panel presentations with simultaneous translations. Invited speakers included Monique Verdin from the Houma Nation, Christian Coocoo from the Atikamekw community, Professors Petra Hendry and Joyce Jackson from Louisiana State University, as well as Professors Phyllis Dalley and Awad Ibrahim from the University of Ottawa. Initiated by Professor Nicholas Ng-a-Fook of University of Ottawa, and LSU CTP alumnus, working with LSU CTP Director, Professor Molly Quinn, the exchange was generously supported by Dean Roland Mitchell of LSU and Dean Richard Barwell of University of Ottawa, with plans for continuing the scholarly collaboration in expanded ways in the future.

To learn more about the virtual conference, click here.