School of Education celebrates student accomplishments


On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, School of Education students, alumni, families, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate outstanding student's leadership and academic accomplishments.

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Congratulations to this year's awardees:


Dissertation of the Year 2015  |  Dr. Mitchell
Paul Eaton
Becoming: Emergent identity of college students in the digital age examined through complexivist epistemologies.
Dr. Mitchell, chair


Thesis of the Year 2015  | Dr. Casbergue
Lauren Lejuene
- Examining the effects of academic and social Interventions on the behavior of students with or at-risk For emotional or behavioral disorders.
Dr. Denny, chair


Graduate Publication of the Year 2015 -2016  |  Dr. Choate
Jamie Hipp
- Tableau and Deep Understanding.
Reagan Mitchell - The Blues’ ontology of improvisation. 

Jamie Hipp


Program Awards  


Office of Field Experience  |  Dr. Manthei
Outstanding Teacher Candidate PK – 3  |  Melissa Davis

Outstanding Teacher Candidate Elementary  |  Bailey Crow & Taylor Tycer

Outstanding Teacher Candidate Geaux Teach Secondary  |  Emily Borne

Outstanding Teacher Candidate Holmes Secondary  |  Lucy Miller


Elementary Holmes  |  Dr. Barrera

Outstanding Student Teacher  |  Rachel Halbrook

Outstanding Work with Diverse Learners  |  Emily France

Outstanding Service & Leadership  |  Brittani Rideaux

Outstanding Commitment to Teaching  |  Leah Robarts


Secondary Holmes  |  Dr. Bach & Dr. Webb

Teacher Research Project of the Year Award  |  Benjamin Stacy

Teacher Research Presentation of the Year Award  |  Mary DuBoulay


Special Education  | Dr. Gansle

Outstanding First Year Special Education Student Award  |  Abby Landry

Accomplished Special Education Student Teacher Award  |  Courtney Martin


AwardsCounselor Education |  Dr. Gintner

Louisiana Counseling Association Conference Presentations – September 2015
“Transitioning to ICD-10-CM: What It Means for DSM-5 and Diagnostic Coding” with Dr. Gintner

Bianca Lee

Amanda Anderson

Erin Savoy

“Depression in Adolescent Girls: Effective Treatment and Prevention” with Dr. Choate

Alex Ambeau

Michelle Robichaux

Kayla Fuller

Graduate Student Representative, Louisiana Counseling Association Board (2016-2017)

Michelle Robichaux

Chi Sigma Iota Outstanding Newsletter of the Year for 2016 (National) – Small Chapter

Newsletter Editors: Alaine Dawson and Michelle Robichaux


Chi Sigma Iota2015-2016 Chi Sigma Iota: Alpha Chi Chapter Officers

Cassie Montgomery, President
Amanda Anderson, Vice President & Social Committee
Michelle Robichaux, Vice President & Newsletter Editor
Alaine Dawson, Secretary & Newsletter Editor
Alex Ambeau, Treasurer & Social Committee
Bianca Lee, Community Outreach Coordinator, Alumni Relations Coordinator & Website E-Coordinator
Kayla Fuller, Community Outreach Coordinator & Social Committee
Erin Savoy, Website E-Coordinator, Social Committee, & Alumni Relations Coordinator


Curriculum Theory  |  Dr. Hendry

2016 American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE) Dissertation Award
David W. Robison-Morris, " An Ontological (Re)Thinking: Ubuntu and Buddhism in Higher Education"

Outstanding Peer-Reviewed Journal Article by a Graduate Student  |  Gareth Mitchell

Pediatric Graduate Scholarship – M.D. Anderson Children’s Art Project  |  Maria Wallace


Recognition of Student Authors 2015-2016

Graduate Authors

DeMeulenaere, Michelle. (2014). Family Involvement.  Childhood Education.  Spring, 2015.

DiCarlo, C.F., Baumgartner, J., Ota, C., & Jenkins, Charlene. (2015). Preschool teachers’ perceptions of rough and tumble play vs. aggression in preschool-aged boys, Early Child Development and Care, 185(5-6), 779-790.

DiCarlo, C.F., Baumgartner, J., Ota, C., & Geary, Kelly. (2016). Child sustained attention in preschool-aged children. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 30(2).

Jackson, D’Jalon. (2015). Rigor, course choice, and educational excellence: Positioning African American students for future success. In J. Curry and A. Shillingford (Eds). African American students’ career and college readiness: The journey unraveled. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Publishers

Hipp, Jamie.  (April, 2015). Tableau and Deep Understanding. STEAMed Magazine. 1(2).

Mitchell, Gareth (2016). Teaching after Katrina versus teaching in the terrordome: An analysis of urban education reform from 2005 to 2015. JCT: Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 31(1), 143-151

Mitchell, Reagan. (2016). The Blues’ ontology of improvisation.  Philosophy of Education Society 2015 Yearbook.

Nguyen, Thuong, Mitchell, R. & Mitchell, C.A. (2016).  Crafting spaces between the binary: Renegade locations for the radical re-visioning of nontraditional graduate advising. Of other thoughts and renegade knowledges: Transformative potential in postgraduate supervisions edition of Knowledge Cultures.

Reames, Heather., & DiCarlo, C. (2016). Creating a learner-centered classroom. Focus on PK/K Early Years Bulletin, Association for Childhood Education International. (3)3.

Rollibard, Candy., Bach, J. Gulden, Maria. (2015). Mindful Poetry: Making the Strange Familiar. English Journal. 104 (4), 83-89.

Seaberry, Michael (2015) ""Do Not Engage Y'all!" Training and Preparing Our Black Students for Battle," Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs: Vol. 2: Iss. 3, Article 6.

Wallace, Maria. F. G. (In Press). Trash or treasure: Re-conceptualizing my ruins as a tool for re-imagining the nature of science teacher education. In G.A. Buck, & V.L. Akerson, (Eds.). Allowing our professional knowledge of pre-service science teacher education to be enhanced by self-study research: Turning a critical eye on our practice. Springer.

Watson, Kamille .J. & DiCarlo, C.F. (2015). Increasing completion of classroom routines through the use of picture activity schedules. Early Childhood Education Journal. DOI 10.1007/s10643-015-0697-2

Webb, A. W, Bunch, J. C., & Wallace, Maria. F. G. (2015). Agriscience teachers’ implementation of digital game-based learning in an introductory animal science course. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 24(6), 888-897. doi: 10.1007/s10956-015-9571-7   

Wilson, Helen (2015). Fostering Resilience in Kindergarten: Teaching a stressed out generation. Early Years Bulletin, 2(4) 1-6.

Wooten, Sara, Mitchell, R. (Eds.) (2015). The crisis of campus sexual violence: Critical perspectives on prevention and response. New York, NY: Routledge.


Undergraduate Authors

Beach, Dorothy, & DiCarlo, C.F. (in press). Can I play, again? Using a literacy ipad app to increase letter recognition & phonemic awareness. Journal of Teacher Action Research.

Pere, Chelsea, Ginn, Rachel, Hill, Noelle, & DiCarlo, C.F. (2015). Childhood Obesity prevention: A service-learning advocacy project. Journal for Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change. Doi:


Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarship Recipients 2015-2016

Ida Major Scholarship

 Ciara Ferrygood

Victoria Rutledge

Rachel Halbrook

Kassie Sharbonno

Karen Carney


School of Education General

    Kerii Landry Thomas


Albert H. Leblanc

Margaret Picolli   


Dr. William Rodney Cline Philosophy of Education

Gareth Mitchell

Tiffany Zachery


Katherine Evans Pope Scholarship

Isaiah Mayfield

Candace Harrinarine


Association of Classroom Teachers Fellowship

Laine Culotta

Elizabeth Rea

Erin Scott Stewart

Shondra White

Ashley Madden

Lauren Giles


Arthur and Judith Halbrook Endowed Scholarship Fund

Amy Coward

Emily France


L'Dora McKenzie Taylor and Charles Harlan Taylor Scholarship

Delaney Longa

Jordyn Paananen


Mark and Lisa Boudreaux Endowed Scholarship

Erin Estep

Stacy Hamner


Rolfe, Sr., and Dot McCollister Leadership Award

Shandrika Jackson

Allison Antie

Chauncey Stephens


Paul and Ellen Arst Scholarshp for the School of Education

Ashley Arroyo

Lindsey Baker

Michael Sarazin


Association of Classroom Teachers EBR Endowed Scholarship Fund

Renata Nelson

Bridgette Smith

Tangela Whitfield


JoAnne J. Martin Memorial Geaux Teach

Aaron Finley

Sierra Martin

Devin Olivier

Sarah Schott


Dana Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

Victoria Hogan

Corinne Mack


Michael and Carol Stamatedes Geaux Teach

Aaron Finley

Sarah Schott

Veronica Rubio

Adriana Garcia

Mia Taylor

Carey Laiche

Olivia Angelette


Imogene and Thomas Dutsch Memorial Scholarship

Jenna Badeaux


Charlene Muffoletto Favre Scholarship

Megan Daley

Rachel Quigley

Vanessa Cardenas

Claire Hilse

Margaret Upton

Emily Junot

Melissa Davis

Kylea Goree

Madeleine Dauzat

Allison Dolan

Bailey Martin

Devin Stowers

Jordan Berry


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