Fifteen Graduate Students Present at AERA 2016

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LSU well-represented at largest gathering of scholars in the field of education.


Fifteen graduate students from LSU’s School of Education gave more than twenty presentations at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2016 Annual Meeting, which was hosted in Washington D.C. from April 8-12.

The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research. It is a premier showcase for ground-breaking and innovative studies in a diverse array of scholarly inquiry -- from early education to higher education and from digital learning to second language literacy. This year, over 15,000 educational scholars from around the world attended the conference. As one of the biggest educational research conferences, the proposal acceptance rate for AERA is only 30-40%.

LSU graduate students did a superb job in preparing successful paper submission in the summer of 2015 and more recently presenting their inspired work across various domains of education at AERA this year. The number of LSU graduate students presenting is but one indicator of the exceptional scholarly accomplishments of the School of Education.

The great success is primarily due to the students’ scholarly dedication and hard work, but also the ongoing support from the School of Education faculty. For example, a series of conference proposal writing workshops were hosted by the Curriculum Theory Graduate Student Collaborative and Curriculum Theory Project in the summer of 2015. Focused on preparing successful proposals, these sessions prepared students to write several excellent proposals. Resultantly, many of proposals were accepted to this conference. CTP co-directors Dr. Petra Hendry and Dr. Roland Mitchell, as well as the other CTP faculty offered great support in helping the students navigate the submission landscape across different AERA Divisions of inquiry and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), as well as provided specific feedback on the continual proposal revisions. 

The School of Education offers a range of professional and academic degree programs that focus on preparing students for careers in education, research, policy formation and implementation, as well as program oversight.



Below is a list AERA presentations by graduate students from School of Education. If you are interested in learning more about their work, view the AERA online program.


conference attendeesLester Archer. University-School Partnerships: Professional Development of Math and Science Teachers Through Action Research

Paper Co-Authors: Kim D. MacGregor, James Joseph Madden, & Xue Wen


Robyn Andermann. Perspectives From a Transatlantic Creole Worldview: Rethinking the Enlightenment,

Paper Co-Author: Petra Munro Hendry


Sarah K. Corie. Is It Democratic to Hurt Our Souls? Racial Battle Fatigue in Higher Education

Paper Co-Authors: Chaunda Allen, Kenneth James Fasching-Varner, Roland W. Mitchell, Christine Clark (University of Nevada – Las Vegas), Lori Latrice Martin


Adam Elder. The Effects of Dual Enrollment on Achievement in Subsequent Coursework at the University Level

Paper Co-Authors: Keena N. Arbuthnot, Guadalupe M. Lamadrid, Renee Lastrapes (University of Houston – Clear Lake)

Adam also served as a Chair for the session on Studies of Diversity & Equity in Mathematics Education.


Petra & ShaoeeiShaofei Han. Reconceptualizing Child and Childhood in Education: A Deleuzian Perspective


Mary Kathryn Hudson. Insights From Complexity: A Literacy Initiative Through the Lens of Complexity Theory

Paper Co-Authors: Renee M. Casbergue


Guadalupe M. Lamadrid. Outcomes of Dual Enrollment: Are Colleges and Universities Implementing Policy Before the Results Are Known?

Paper Co-Authors: Renee Lastrapes (University of Houston – Clear Lake), Keena N. Arbuthnot, Adam C. Elder


Craig A. Marcus. Development of Student Leaders: Impact of Mentoring by Student Affairs Professionals

Paper Co-Authors: Kim MacGregor, Jerry Michael Whitmore (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Erin C. Vaughn (Jackson State University)           


Gareth Mitchell. A Charter School as a Body Without Organs


Reagan Mitchell. Louis Armstrong as a Lens to Reconsider Black Intellectual Traditions

Paper Co-Author: Roland W. Mitchell


Krystie Nguyen. Cafting Spaces Between the Binary: Renegade Locations for the Radical Re-Visioning of Nontraditional Graduate Advising

Paper Co-authors:  Roland Mitchell & Chaunda Allen


David Robinson-Morris.

  • From Arborescence to Rhizome: West (Finally) Meets East at the Intersection of the Buddhist and Deleuzian Subject
  • From Arborescence to Rhizome: West Thinks East at the Intersection of the Buddhist and Deleuzian Subject
  • Radical Love, Revolutionary Becoming: Creating an Ethic of Love in the Realm of Education Through Buddhism and Ubuntu.


Maria F.G. Wallace. The "Face" of Induction: Deleuzian Perspectives on Becoming the Novice Teacher.

Maria also served as Co-Chair for the Division K Fireside Chat on Relevance to Practice: Designing (Graduate) Research on Teacher Education for Equity and Justice.


Xue Wen. University-School Partnerships: Professional Development of Math and Science Teachers Through Action Research

Paper Co-Authors: Kim D. MacGregor, James Joseph Madden, & Lester Archer


Sara Carrigan Wooten. Resource Awareness, Availability, and Inclusiveness for LGBTQ Student Survivors of Sexual Violence

 panel discussion

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