LSU Graduate Honored as "Teacher of the Year"

November 3, 2021

BATON ROUGE, LA - Ingy Elghamrawy is an LSU Secondary Holmes student who graduated with her MAT & Secondary Math certification in August of 2021.  She was hired before graduation to continue teaching math at MSA West Academy-Iberville. She was asked to serve on the school's leadership team this academic year and now has received the Teacher of the Year Award for 2020-2021.

Elghamrawy is originally from Cairo, Egypt. She got her master’s in civil engineering from Cairo University, Egypt. When she moved to Baton Rouge two years ago, she originally wanted to resume her career as a civil engineer; however, she decided to continue doing what she had been for the last five years: teaching. She found that doors continued to open in LSU’s School of Education with the help of Dr. Stringer, Dr. Tobin, and Dr. Ricks.
Elghamrawy makes it a major goal to change the mindset of her students. Being able to help students understand math and not just memorize it is her target. She is very passionate about the teaching profession. Elghamrawy says, “One of the greatest reasons I became a teacher was to make a difference in as many lives as I possibly could. I want to inspire young people to achieve their potential, change, and be optimistic. I want to help make them keen to learn and plan their futures. I want and love to be the person that they trust and make them feel that there is always hope and it is never too late to change. Believe it or not, we too as educators learn from our students regardless of their age.”
“I love spending time among my students for many reasons. First, I love the feeling of helping others and that feeling of appreciation that you sense in their voice or the spark in their eyes when they understand something that was hard for them. It literally makes me feel over the moon,” said Elghamrawy.
We are so proud of Ingy Elghamrawy, MSA West Academy-Iberville's Teacher of the Year! 

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