CCR Personnel


Scott C. Hagen

Professor & Director, LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency; Louisiana Sea Grant Laborde Chair                                                                            

Scott Hagen has authored more than 85 peer-reviewed journal articles with focus on massively parallel, high performance computational modeling of ocean, coastal, and inland astronomical and meteorological tides and flows. His more recent efforts expand into transport and biological modeling with respect to the coastal dynamics of sea level rise in general and salt marsh impacts in particular. Scott and his students are conducting scientific research that is applied through
engineering to benefit society. Their interdisciplinary research into the hydrodynamic and ecological effects of sea level rise is helping coastal planners and emergency management at the coastal land margin along the Gulf of Mexico and east coast of the U.S. Together they produce transdisciplinary research outcomes.

Scott C Hagen

Matthew V. Bilskie   

Research Scientist, LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency                                              

Dr. Matthew V. Bilskie is a research scientist at the Louisiana State University Center for Coastal Resiliency. Dr. Bilskie holds a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University. His research interests include unstructured finite element mesh development for use in hurricane storm surge models, coastal inundation in a changing climate, and quantifying the combined effects of coastal and rainfall runoff inundation.

Matthew Bilskie

Madeline Foster-Martinez  

Postdoctoral Research Associate, LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency     

Madeline Foster-Martinez is a postdoctoral researcher at the LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency. She currently works on forecasting how ecosystem services will change with sea-level rise, focusing on wave attenuation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Her research interests include marsh creation, coastal protection, and engineering outreach. Dr. Foster-Martinez holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, where she was a part of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics research group and an NSF intern with the U.S. Geological Survey.     

Madeline Foster Martinez

Sandy Dokka Parfait                                                                                     

Administrative Coordinator; Press and Media Coordinator, LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency                                                           

Sandy Parfait Coordinates the day-to-day operations for the LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency. She is a graduate of LSU where she received a BFA. Sandy has a decade of experience in program management and event planning.  

Sandy Parfait