Annual Accessibility Reporting

Per PS-31 Policy Statement on Digital Resources and Content Accessibility, each dean or director “must collect and archive an Annual Digital Resources & Content Accessibility Report for their college/school/unit.” The report should include:

  1. A description of local controls for the acquisition, development, and delivery of digital content;
  2. An evaluation of accessibility of current and legacy digital resources and content; and
  3. A description of the processes for
    1. Equally effective alternative access
    2. Barriers and plans to remove such barriers 

The ADA Coordinator will maintain a live version of each unit's data via a OneDrive document mentioned below. Please use the link below to fill in your unit’s data by the end of the calendar year. On a yearly basis, the ADA coordinator will select units to audit to ensure ongoing compliance. Selected units will receive a report of deficiencies and potential remedies. 

This report should ideally be completed by your unit’s communications officer or whomever is responsible for your unit’s web presence.

To begin your report, go to the Annual Digital Resources & Content Accessibility Report link received via email. Notice that key terms needed to fill in this report are included in the third tab at the bottom. If you have any questions, please email The Annual Digital Resources & Content Accessibility Report is a secure LSU OneDrive document that can only be viewed and edited by members of the LSU community who have received this link. You may be prompted to sign in to your LSU OneDrive using your LSU credentials.

**Remember: DRC includes not just websites, but software purchased by the unit, and web-based applications that are utilized by a multitude of students, faculty, and staff. You will not have to include granular items such as PDFs, PowerPoints, and other instructional materials posted within Moodle. However, these should be up to federal and institutional digital accessibility standards.** 

Also, please remember to complete your annual digital resources and content accessibility training by December 31 and store your certificate as you do with the other annual trainings.