Date Description
Oct. 6 Formation of taskforce to implement plan to increase graduate assistant stipends 
Oct. 11 Announcement of zero-based budgeting model for FY 2024 
Oct. 20 Provost's Report on zero-based budgeting model at Faculty Senate meeting
Oct. 28 Distribute instructions to deans & vps for budget proposals
Dec. 1 (approx) Release preliminary guidance for graduate stipends
Dec. 13 Zero-Based Budget Town Hall
Dec. 19 Administrator Roundtable



Date Description
Jan. 20 Budget proposals and justifications due 
Jan. 20 Need Prioritization Advisory Group Report due
Jan. - Feb.  Budget Hearings
Feb. 1 (approx.) Release of final guidance on graduate assistant stipends, grants, and health benefits. Offer letters distributed to graduate assistants. 
Spring Preliminary FY24 budgets distributed 
July Final FY24 budgets distributed 



Date Description
Spring Preliminary allocation of faculty positions for FY 25 
Fall FY25 budget hearings 


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