Academic Routing Procedures

Board of Regents Three-year Academic Plan Timeline

The purpose of institutional academic planning is to facilitate the efficient statewide coordination of academic degree program offerings. The annual academic planning process provides the opportunity for collaboration among institutions, encourages innovation in program design to meet employer and student needs, and minimizes unnecessary program duplication. Each year, institutions must submit an updated three-year academic plan using the Regents template. See below for the three-year academic plan timeline: 

Board of Regents Academic Planning Webpage

Date Description
Mid-March 2024 New academic plan campaign begins
May 13, 2024 Academic plans due to the Office of Academic Affairs
June 28, 2024 Board of Supervisors approval
June 28 - September 2024 Board of Regents will circulate plans to statewide constituents
September 25, 2024 Board of Regents approval
After September 25, 2024 Program proposals may be submitted to the Board of Regents for Academic Year 2026 - 2027


Internal Routing for New Academic Programs

Once a three-year plan is approved through the aforementioned Board of Regents academic planning process, a full program proposal may be submitted. Please note, the process for new academic programs can take 12-18 months. The internal routing for a new academic program is as follows:  

  1. Departmental Faculty
  2. Department Chair
  3. College Courses & Curricula (C&C) Committee
  4. College Dean
  5. Faculty Senate Courses & Curricula (C&C) Committee
  6. Graduate Council, if applicable
  7. Executive Vice President & Provost, Office of Academic Affairs
  8. Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) for SACSCOC Substantive Change Review
  9. President
  10. LSU Council of Chief Academic Officers (CAOs), LSU Executive Graduate Council
  11. LSU Board of Supervisors
  12. Louisiana Board of Regents