Upcoming Exhibition: Trajé, Maya Textile Artistry

This exhibition will feature the Travis Doering Collection of textiles and related artifacts from 40 villages in the Guatemala highlands. Trajé, or traditional dress, has deep cultural significance to the Maya people.  The tradition of weaving and use of symbolism has been passed from mothers to daughters for hundreds of years and supports the legacy of craftsmanship that defines the Guatemalan Maya culture.  Traditional dress is primarily still worn by women and includes colorful backstrap loom-woven huipiles (blouses), cortes (skirts), cintas (headdresses), rebozzos (shawls), and fajas (belts), examples of which are mounted in the gallery for public viewing.  


Green Traje embroidery
traje garment
Red Traje Garment


The official opening of the exhibition is scheduled for early Fall Semester 2021, but is dependent upon the relaxation of COVID restrictions.

Traje Wearable Art Exhibition