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Thank you for visiting the home page of the LSU Student Technology Fee (STF). This site contains information about the history of the STF, as well as instructions for submitting proposals to the STF Oversight Committee (the Committee). Those wishing to submit proposals should first familiarize themselves with the Student Technology Fee Plan (the Plan) in its entirety. In addition, you may wish to review Revised Statute 17:3351.1.

Only proposals comprised under Objectives 1.5 (including discipline-specific, proprietary computer labs) and 1.6 of the Plan should be submitted here. The proposals must be submitted to the Provost, for referral to the Committee, through deans (in the case of academic departments) and through administrative channels up to and including the level of Vice-Chancellor for other academic and student service units. They must be ranked in numeric order by each dean and by the appropriate Vice-Chancellor. Please keep in mind that there may be over 80 departments submitting proposals and only a portion of approximately $4 million will be allocated to Objective 1.5 and 1.6.

All projects comprised under Objectives 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 of the Plan will be initiated by the Student Technology Fee Oversight Committee. Formal proposals from the departments and units related to these objectives will not be considered by the Committee. The Technology Fee Oversight Committee, however, encourages deans and department chairs/heads who would consider converting “proprietary” computer labs into full public access facilities with support from Student Technology Fee funds to initiate discussions with the Executive Director of Computing Services, who will in turn bring their proposals, if they are deemed feasible, to the Student Technology Fee Oversight Committee.

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